Revolutionise Your Fleet Management with Express Vehicle Contract

Our Fleet Management Services

From staying on top of disruptive technologies to making do with limited resources, fleet management comes with many challenges.

Express Fleet Management enables you to ensure your fleet investment is working for you. From start to finish, Express fleet management services have the expertise to manage and keep your drivers on the road.

Our fleet team works closely with our clients to help transform their fleet.

From small businesses with a few cars to large corporates operating a mixed fleet of hundreds of vehicles, we help businesses of all sizes reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Effective solutions for all fleets of all sizes.

Discover how we can take care of every aspect of your vehicle and fleet needs.

1 - 24 vehicles

For smaller businesses looking to reduce their lease costs, whilst simplifying their fleet management processes

25 -99 vehicles

Reduce the time spent managing your business vehicles with Express Fleet Management solutions.

100+ vehicles

Focus on what matters and let us handle all of your fleet admin and management requirements.

Your Fleet is an Investment

Your fleet is more than just a set of transactional costs — it’s an investment.

Not only does your vehicle operation play a critical role in serving your customers, but with an integrated strategy and big-picture thinking, it can also drive growth and fuel success for your company.

When managing your fleet as a series of costs, it’s natural to focus on minimising the amount of every transaction in the short term.

However, this approach often leads to hidden long-term costs and wasted time that, in the end, increases spending and decreases productivity for your company.

Express Fleet Management model looks after your entire fleet lifecycle – Buy, Drive, Service, and Sell – to align your fleet with your organisation’s overall measures for success.

With the right mindset, each stage of the lifecycle offers an opportunity to create value and deliver returns to your bottom line.

Our funding and fleet management services can help you optimise your operation, reduce lifetime costs, and keep your business moving.

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