Why Choose a hybrid lease?

Hybrid vehicles are often more expensive to buy than their diesel or petrol counterparts. However, leasing offers a much more affordable way of driving a greener vehicle and opens a wide range of other benefits, including:

·      Driving the latest technology

·      Hassle-free motoring

·      Lower fuel bills

·      Lower initial and monthly costs

·      No risk of depreciation

·      Reduced on-road running costs


Frequently Asked Questions

You can save money and reduce emissions with a hybrid car. If you often drive in traffic or make many short trips, a hybrid lease makes perfect sense as you’ll emit less CO2 and spend less on fuel.

Hybrids are ideal for those that want to make a difference but are not quite ready for a fully electric vehicle. If the achievable range is one of your concerns, a hybrid allows you to make longer trips to remote locations confidently.

Hybrids come with the latest in-car technology and gadgets, so you are never left behind and always get the best deal for your money.

That depends on the type of hybrid you are considering. If you are looking at a PHEV or Plug-in hybrid, it needs to be plugged in. You should plug it in overnight to make the most of cheaper off-peak electricity for the best savings.

If you are looking at a standard hybrid, the battery charges using excess energy from the engine. Kinetic energy from braking is also used to charge the battery.

Much depends on the make and model of the vehicle. On average, a hybrid battery lasts 150,000 miles or 10 years, much longer than any standard lease plan.

Hybrid cars significantly reduce air pollution compared to combustion only engines in built-up areas where you can drive them on electricity alone. Reducing the reliance on petrol or diesel also means filling up less and financial savings.

Yes, cold weather can affect your hybrid’s fuel economy. However, it needs to be lower than 20 degrees Fahrenheit or minus 6 degrees Celsius to see a significant drop in economy. You can expect around a 30% drop in economy at this temp or lower.

Yes, you can save money with a hybrid vehicle. You use less fuel during city driving and while sitting at low traffic speeds. If you have a PHEV, you can save even more by ensuring you charge your vehicle at home during off-peak hours and shop around for the best electricity provider deals.

Stop/start systems are often referred to as light hybrids. Your car stops automatically when it isn’t needed and starts up again when it is. However, the system isn’t backed up by a high-voltage battery pack and a large electric motor.

In hybrid vehicles, slowing down in traffic or at a traffic light switches off the car’s combustion engine and recaptures the car’s kinetic energy into the high-voltage traction battery pack using regenerative braking.

The main benefits include lower fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions. They create less air pollution and other waste materials than traditional combustion engines and save you money.

A hybrid needs the same car maintenance as a car with a more traditional combustion engine. It will still require tire alignment, belt replacement, and oil changes. On infrequent occasions, the battery may need to be changed.