6 Benefits of Switching to an Electric Car

Occasionally, choosing a new car is a simple process. You see the vehicle you want and go for it. More often, you need to stop and weigh up several different factors to ensure it is the right option for you. 

Here are six reasons why your next car should be electric.

1. You are helping the environment

Reduced environmental impact is one of the key reasons to choose an EV. However, electric vehicles are not entirely CO2 free. Much of the electricity used in their production comes from non-renewable sources. They also need to be transported, which involves further emissions. 

Once on the road, they produce much less CO2 than their petrol or diesel counterparts. Much of the energy used to power an EV comes from renewable sources, and creating power in a power station produces less CO2 than creating power in a petrol or diesel engine. 

An electric engine is also roughly three times more efficient than a petrol engine in terms of how it uses its power. All things considered, you are making a positive impact.

2. Doing your bit for air quality

The argument for air quality is more straightforward. An electric car does not produce nitrogen dioxide or particulates that are present in combustion engines. Yes, they may still be produced at the power station, but these tend to be away from city centres and released higher into the atmosphere where there is less chance of breathing them in.

Of course, the road surface, brake and tyre wear still create some particulates, so they are not removed completely. But, removing the most significant cause of these issues makes a huge difference to air quality. 

3. An increasing amount of choice

In the early days, electric cars were small and dull or incredibly expensive luxury models. There was very little in between. The situation has changed dramatically, and now you can find EVs in every shape and size to suit most budgets (especially if you are leasing). 

4. Evs are nicer to driver

EVs are quiet, very quiet, making them more relaxing to drive. The reduced noise is better for your wellbeing and reduces noise pollution when you are out and about. Hearing the sounds of nature is much better than the sound of your engine. 

5. Then there are the extras

You might not buy or lease a car just because of the extra features, but I bet you consider them when making your final decision. Electric vehicles are full of little extras that increase your driving pleasure and make you safer on your journey.
Most also have state-of-the-art technology throughout the car and in the engine. You get a chance to show off while doing your bit for the environment. 

6. Affordability

Yes, even when leasing, the upfront costs of an electric vehicle are higher than a comparable petrol or diesel model. However, once you start breaking down the cost of running your car, you see some impressive savings. 

There are tax benefits available for cars with CO2 emissions below 50g/km and further benefits for electric company cars. It is worth checking with your leasing company to see how many benefits you can access with an electric vehicle.