Why Choose In Stock Over Factory Orders?

The lease car you are ordering already exists or is in the process of being built to set specifications. Opting for an in stock deal offers you greater convenience. Lead times are significantly reduced, meaning you get behind the wheel of your perfect car much quicker. 

In stock cars are often the most desirable trim levels. In stock leasing is more cost-effective than factory order leasing. You get the latest equipment and technology for lower monthly payments. 

If you need a replacement car quickly or are coming to the end of your lease and cannot afford a vehicle gap, in stock leasing is the ideal solution. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In stock is an overarching term for vehicles already in the supply chain. Usually, it relates to cars that are already built and waiting at the depot or dealership. However, it can also include vehicles on their way from the manufacturing facility or are in port. Lead times are usually much shorter than they are for factory orders.

Factory orders are built to your specifications. You can pick from the optional extras that form part of the leasing package, including the car’s colour. You have more choice but have to wait for the vehicle to be created to meet your needs. Opting for in stock over factory order means you are sacrificing some degree of choice but get your car quicker and usually cheaper.

The timeframe depends on where in the supply chain the car is when it is ordered. There are still some supply chain issues with the different things going on in the world. However, a good gauge is around three to four weeks.