About Express Vehicle Contracts

At Express Vehicle Contracts we put the customer first. We start with your needs and build a leasing deal that exceeds your every expectation. Our unparalleled customer service means we are always there when you need us the most. 

Our team pride themselves on being:

* Friendly, caring, and approachable

* Great listeners who are attentive to your needs

* Honest – we won’t hide anything in the small print

* Passionate, energetic, and enthusiastic about leasing 

* Helpful and resourceful – if there is a problem, we work to find a suitable solution at every step of your journey with us, including aftercare. 

* Experienced – we have up to date industry knowledge, including about the latest in-car technologies. We are highly trained and always willing to learn.

* Quick Response/Reliable – Express by name – Express by nature

* Keen to Build Relationships – we want you to be part of the Express family

* Willing to go the extra mile 


Join our growing family today and see why we are fast becoming the nations favourite vehicle leasing company.