US car maker Cadillac is launching two electric SUVs in the UK this year.

US car manufacturer Cadillac is introducing two electric SUVs to the UK market this year, expanding its lineup with the Optiq and Lyriq models.

The range-topping Lyriq will be an alternative to the BMW iX, while the smaller Optiq is set to take on the Audi Q4 e-tron and Lexus RZ.

  • The all-electric Optiq SUV will join the larger Lyriq SUV later this year.
  • Both models will feature dual electric motors and an 85kWh battery pack as standard.
  • They will deliver a power output of 292hp and 480Nm.
  • Expect a range of 300 miles based on the US rating system.
  • Interiors will have a futuristic design with a 33.0-inch OLED display.

Cadillac has historically faced challenges in securing a strong presence in the UK car market.

Currently, they only offer the aging XT4 SUV but plan to introduce two new electric SUVs by the end of 2024.

The Lyriq, Cadillac’s flagship model, will compete against the BMW iX, while the smaller Optiq aims to rival the Audi Q4 e-tron and Lexus RZ.

These models represent Cadillac’s electric vehicle reinvention strategy for the UK and other European markets.


The recent surge in EV adoption is expected to boost interest, with the Optiq likely becoming the more popular choice.

The Optiq will incorporate several design elements from the sleek Lyriq SUV. All UK models will have a 292hp dual-motor setup, ensuring all-wheel drive.

An 85kWh battery pack will be standard, providing a 300-mile range based on US standards, although Europe’s WLTP metrics may show different results.

Cadillac has not yet disclosed peak charging capabilities but claims a 10-minute fast charge will deliver approximately 80 miles of range.

Inside, the Optiq features a curved 33.0-inch OLED display, rivaling the panoramic screens found in BMW and Mercedes models.

High-quality materials, including recycled woven textiles, are used throughout the interior. More details will be revealed when the Optiq arrives in the fall.

Jaclyn McQuaid, General Motors Europe boss, stated that a new vehicle platform offers greater flexibility for producing right-hand drive vehicles, potentially simplifying the introduction of new models in various segments.

This suggests that Cadillac might be aiming for a more permanent presence in the UK market. Further details on dealer networks and Cadillac’s UK market strategy will be shared later this year.

In the US, the Optiq is expected to start around $54,000, with UK pricing yet to be announced.