New Ovo app offers discounted rates at over 34,000 UK public chargers

Energy firm Ovo has launched a new app to provide EV drivers with discounted charging rates across the UK.

Ovo Launches 'Charge Anywhere' Service to Revolutionize EV Charging Experience in the UK and Europe.

Ovo introduces its innovative 'Charge Anywhere' service, a game-changer for electric vehicle (EV) owners across the UK and Europe. This groundbreaking service is not limited to Ovo customers but is available to all EV drivers, aiming to simplify the EV charging process. With the Ovo Charge app, users can effortlessly locate over 34,000 public charging points in the UK and an impressive 400,000 across Europe.

The 'Charge Anywhere' service is not just about ease of access; it also offers remarkable financial savings. Through the service's unique rewards program, customers have the opportunity to earn free charging miles, enhancing the EV ownership experience.

Unlock Savings with 'Charge Anywhere'

EV drivers can now enjoy significant savings of over £220 annually with the Ovo Charge app's 'Boost' plans. For a nominal monthly fee — £2 for the 'Light Boost' and £8 for the 'Turbo Boost' — users can unlock discounts ranging from 10-15% on public charging rates compared to standard pay-as-you-go prices. This translates into savings of up to £4.28 on every charge. Additionally, 'Boost' plan subscribers gain exclusive access to benefits and app features, adding even more value to their subscription. It's worth noting that plans offer flexibility with the option to cancel at any time.

The app goes beyond just charging; it provides EV owners with real-time information on the availability and reliability of nearby public charging stations. This feature ensures drivers are never left searching for a reliable charging station. The community-driven aspect allows customers to share their experiences by commenting and uploading photos of the charge points, making it easier for others to find the best charging solutions.

Comprehensive Charging Management

With 'Charge Anywhere,' users get a complete overview of their charging history, including energy consumption and costs, directly in the app. The seamless payment system eliminates the need to juggle different cards and logins, simplifying the charging process.

This service not only simplifies the charging process but also offers discounted rates, potentially saving drivers hundreds of pounds each year."

The introduction of 'Charge Anywhere complements Ovo's existing 'Charge Anytime' plan, which offers EV owners the chance to charge their vehicles at home for just 7p per kWh at any time of the day. Since its launch last year, this plan has saved customers more than £6 million, further demonstrating Ovo's commitment to promoting sustainable and affordable electric vehicle usage.

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