5 Top Tips to stop your EV ever running out of charge, from Express Vehicle Contracts

Find Shade on Sunny Days:

During those bright, sunny days, seek out a shaded spot to park your electric vehicle while you’re out and about. For those who cherish a classic car, avoiding the sun's direct heat is already second nature — nobody enjoys stepping into a vehicle that's been simmering under the sun.

Parking in the shade isn’t just about keeping the car’s interior cooler; it also reduces the workload on your car’s thermal management system, which can drain your battery in its efforts to maintain optimal temperatures. Plus, it’s a smart move to prevent battery overheating and unnecessary battery drain.

Charge Smartly in Warm Weather:

On warmer days, give your vehicle's battery a little extra time to charge. Lithium batteries, the type used in most electric vehicles, are less efficient under hot conditions and may drain more quickly. Taking extra charging time ensures your vehicle is ready to go when you are.

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines:

It might seem straightforward, but one of the best practices for maintaining your vehicle's battery life is to adhere to the recommendations provided by your car's manufacturer. Each set of guidelines is customized to their specific make and model, offering the best care for your vehicle.

For example, some manufacturers suggest keeping your car plugged in when not in use, enabling charging stations to support battery temperature regulation systems without depleting the battery. Meanwhile, brands like Nissan might recommend leaving your vehicle unplugged to enable a “deep sleep” mode, promoting battery longevity.

Be Cautious with Rapid Charging:

Though rapid charging is convenient for those tight schedules or long journeys, frequent use can degrade your battery more quickly than standard charging methods. For the sake of your battery’s health, consider using a home charging station for overnight charging, which offers a gentler, more sustainable way to replenish your battery.

Avoid Charging to Full Capacity:

Unlike most devices, charging an electric car to 100% isn’t advisable. To prolong the life of your lithium battery, aim for an 80% charge. This practice helps maintain battery health over time.

Regular Driving is Beneficial:

Just as with traditional cars, regular, short drives can enhance the health of your electric vehicle. If your car has been idle for an extended period, taking it out for a brief spin can keep the mechanics and battery in good working order. Remember, battery ageing isn’t solely about time; various factors contribute to battery wear and tear.

By incorporating these tips into your routine, you can extend the life of your electric vehicle’s battery, ensuring it remains a reliable and efficient mode of transportation. Call the EV experts at Express Vehicle Contracts for more insights and advice on managing your electric vehicle efficiently.