Introducing the New Volvo EM90

The Ultimate Electric Luxury MPV with an Impressive 458-Mile Range

Get ready to experience the pinnacle of luxury and comfort on the road with the all-new Volvo EM90. This remarkable electric MPV has been designed to provide a truly "comfortable living room experience" while boasting an impressive range of over 450 miles.

As the latest addition to Volvo's lineup, joining the ranks of the EX90 SUV and EX30 crossover, the EM90 sets itself apart as a technologically advanced and exquisitely crafted rival to the likes of the Lexus LM and Mercedes V-Class.

Initially targeted for the Chinese market, where it is now available for pre-order, the EM90 is based on Zeekr's 009 MPV, but features unique interior and exterior designs that align with Volvo's renowned style.


While the MPV segment is new territory for Volvo, the EM90 stays true to the brand's core values of versatility, echoing the spirit of the iconic 1953 Duett estate.

This vehicle embodies the concept of adaptability that has been at the heart of Volvo's offerings for the past 70 years.

The EM90's stunning exterior was recently unveiled, but now it's time to reveal its spectacular interior and official technical specifications.


Equipped with a powerful 116kWh battery, this exceptional MPV delivers an impressive range of 458 miles based on China's CLTC testing cycle. It can be charged from 10% to 80% capacity in under 30 minutes.

With a rear axle powered by a 268bhp motor, the EM90 can accelerate from 0 to 62mph in just 8.3 seconds.

For those seeking the ultimate in luxury and refinement, the EM90 delivers on every level. Experience unparalleled tranquility and comfort with top-of-the-line sound isolation, noise cancellation technology, dual-chamber air suspension, and Volvo's unique 'silent' tires.


Step inside the EM90 and be mesmerized by its six-seater configuration. The middle row features sumptuous armchair-style lounge seats that can slide, recline electrically, and offer heating and ventilation options.

Complete with folding tray tables, individual haptic control panels, and a 15.6in screen that folds down from the ceiling, the EM90 guarantees an extraordinary entertainment and productivity experience.

The advanced voice assistant ensures seamless control over the entire interior, transforming it into a personal theater, a meeting room, or even a bedroom with a single command.


Adjust everything from screens and seats to windows, air conditioning, and lighting effortlessly.

In terms of design, the front cabin maintains Volvo's signature minimalist aesthetic with a sleek dashboard hosting a 15.4in infotainment screen and a separate driver display interface.

The steering wheel and center console feature just a select few physical controls, streamlining the driving experience.


While China is the first market to enjoy the privilege of the EM90, Volvo has not disclosed if it will be available elsewhere. However, the popularity of the Duett in the US and Scandinavia suggests that this luxurious MPV could find its way into other markets.

As the UK market shifts toward SUVs, Volvo's decision to focus on the EM90 remains uncertain. Nonetheless, the success of its closest rival, the Lexus LM, in the UK indicates a growing demand for high-end people carriers like the EM90.

Keep an eye out as Volvo explores worldwide demand for MPVs, hinting at the possibility of the EM90 making its debut in other markets. Experience the future of luxury MPVs with Volvo's groundbreaking EM90.


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