Introducing the Alpine A290: the ultimate electric hot hatch of 2024!

Introducing the eagerly awaited concept version, set to begin production in the coming year. Inspired by the iconic McLaren F1, this extraordinary prototype features a thrilling three-seat layout.

However, brace yourself for an even more revolutionary design in the final version.

Get ready to be blown away by what's to come!

Prepare to be amazed because the A290 is anything but subtle. With its aggressive stance, winged design, and muscular bodywork, it's clear that this hot hatch means business.

In fact, 85% of what you see in the concept will make it to showrooms later this year.


But the A290 is just the beginning. Alpine has a three-EV range in the works, including an SUV and a battery-powered sports car in collaboration with Lotus.

They're not leaving their driving enthusiasts behind in the electric age.

Under the hood, the A290 boasts a custom platform with dual front motors. It's built on the CMF-B EV front-wheel-drive architecture from the Renault 5, but Alpine has fine-tuned it to meet the demands of a hot hatch.

With its own chassis calibration, torque vectoring, A110-derived brakes, and hydraulic bump-stops, this car is designed for both daily road use and thrills on the track.

While the A290 concept's three-seat cabin may seem unconventional, rest assured that the production version will be more conventional.


But there are some exciting elements from the concept that will make it to showrooms, like the 'overtake' button on the rectangular steering wheel that provides a brief burst of extra power.

When it comes to performance, the A290 won't be all about raw power. It won't chase headline figures or deliver neck-snapping acceleration like other high-performance EVs.

However, with a stronger front motor than the standard Renault 5, it's sure to outperform its rivals like the Abarth 500e.

As for the design, Alpine's F1 team has had a hand in creating the aerodynamic features, which will carry over to the road car. The Renault 5's clean form has been enhanced with wider tracks, giving the A290 a square footprint and an imposing presence.

The iconic Alpine X-shaped light signature will also make its mark in the quad-headlight array.

While the production version may have some cost and regulatory-driven changes, the A290 will still deliver on its promises.

It may not feature all the futuristic elements of the concept, but it will be an exciting and forward-looking vehicle.

Get ready to experience the electric revolution with the Alpine A290. It's a hot hatch that combines style, performance, and cutting-edge technology in one thrilling package.

Don't miss out on this exciting new addition to the Alpine lineup.