A brief comparison of Express Vehicle Contracts top pickup truck models available right now.

Looking for the perfect pickup truck to lease?

Here’s a brief comparison of some of the top models available right now, highlighting their unique features and benefits:

Isuzu D-Max

  • Features: Reliable and rugged, the Isuzu D-Max is equipped with a turbo-diesel engine, impressive towing capacity, and advanced safety features.
  • Benefits: Known for its durability and off-road capability, this vehicle is perfect for both work and adventure. 

Volkswagen Amarok

  • Features: Boasts a powerful V6 engine, luxurious interior, and advanced infotainment system.
  • Benefits: Combines performance with comfort, making it ideal for those who need a powerful truck with premium features.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

  • Features: Packed with tech-savvy features like SYNC 3, adaptive cruise control, and a terrain management system.
  • Benefits: Offers a blend of modern technology and rugged capability, ensuring a versatile driving experience.

Isuzu D-Max Special Edition

  • Features: Enhanced design elements, exclusive color options, and upgraded interior features.
  • Benefits: Adds a touch of exclusivity and style to the robust D-Max, appealing to those who want both functionality and flair.

Maxus T90 Electric

  • Features: Fully electric powertrain, zero emissions, and fast charging capabilities.
  • Benefits: Perfect for eco-conscious drivers looking for a sustainable option without compromising on power and utility.

Toyota Hilux

  • Features: Renowned for its reliability, the Hilux comes with a strong diesel engine, advanced safety systems, and excellent off-road capabilities.
  • Benefits: A global favorite known for its toughness and dependability, making it an excellent choice for intensive use.

Ssangyong Musso

  • Features: Offers a spacious cabin, powerful diesel engine, and superior towing capacity.
  • Benefits: Combines practicality with comfort, making it a well-rounded choice for both work and leisure.


Each of these pickup trucks offers unique features and benefits, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for luxury, power, eco-friendliness, or rugged reliability, there’s a perfect model for you. Visit Express Vehicle Contracts to explore leasing options and find the best deal for your next pickup truck.

Express Vehicle Contracts are here to help you choose the right pickup that fits your lifestyle and work demands, contact our friendly team today. Alternatively, contact our resident Pickup Truck expert James Grainger, who will be happy to answer any Pickup Truck related questions you may have: 0121 427 9477 or email James here.