Bentley Delays Its First Electric Vehicle and Pushes Back Electrification Date.

We won't see a fully electric Bentley line-up until 2033. 

Bentley Motors' journey to electrification has hit a slight detour, as the eagerly anticipated launch of their first-ever EV now shifts gears to 2027.

The announcement comes amid challenges in software development and platform preparedness, underscoring the brand's commitment to unparalleled innovation and quality. Riding on an advanced version of Volkswagen Group's PPE architecture, Bentley assures an EV that promises at least 373 miles of range and cutting-edge driver assistance technology. 

While we might have to wait a bit longer for Bentley's electric debut, the vision for a fleet of Bentley EVs every year from 2025 remains clear, with a fully electric line-up revving up by roughly 2033. 

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