2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse details revealed

Introducing the Dark Horse, the ultimate tuned version of the cutting-edge seventh-generation Mustang.

Get ready to experience unparalleled power and performance.

For those seeking unparalleled power, the Dark Horse comes with a price tag of around £61,000, adding an extra £10,000 to the cost of the standard V8 Mustang GT.

Both will be available for sale in the UK early next year.


Don't expect a four-cylinder turbo Ecoboost option for either car. The Dark Horse features a unique 5.0-litre Coyote bent eight engine, equipped with conrods from the powerful GT500.

With this upgrade, the engine can handle higher internal pressures, resulting in an impressive calibration that generates almost 500bhp.

In Europe, however, emissions regulations limit the power to 449bhp, which is still more than the standard V8 Mustang in the UK.

The Dark Horse boasts a Tremec manual gearbox, renowned for its durability and perfectly suited for track work.


Additionally, it includes extra coolers for the engine oil, transmission, and rear axle, all built around the integrated Torsen limited-slip differential.

The Dark Horse takes customization to the next level with its completely bespoke suspension settings, magnetorheological dampers, stiffer springs, thicker anti-roll bars, larger and wider wheels and tires, and beefier brakes.

Although these features can also be added to the standard Mustang through the Performance Pack.

Ford deserves kudos for defying convention and offering the only naturally aspirated, eight-cylinder, front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, stick-shift coupe available in the UK.

The Coyote engine is a marvel, delivering impressive torque and an inspiring sound, even in Good Neighbor mode.


On the road, the Dark Horse delivers a good, if not extraordinary, driving experience. While the steering may feel slightly vague as you come off center and the brakes lack feel, the ride quality on the trick dampers is exceptional.

Relax into the comfortable seats, soak in the engine's power, and revel in the mechanical feel of the heavy gearshift. You'll find a satisfying, smooth cruising experience that may fall just short of pure exhilaration.

But don't be fooled, the Dark Horse is a beast on the track. Embrace the thrill of controlled slides, rely on the unwavering brakes, and explore the abundance of features like line lock, Drag Strip mode, flat-shifting, and a drift-inducing handbrake.

This car was designed by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. Get ready to unleash unparalleled excitement on the road or track.